Shou Hamura Angel

Shou Hamura (羽村 翔) is the older twin of Kai, despite looking younger. He came to the Yuusei Academy for boys as a sports student. In the beginning, when Shou was mentioned that his lost twin brother, Kai was in the same school, Shou went looking for Kai first, only to find out that Kai had completely forgotten about his older twin. Shou was adopted into a wealthy family, but unfortunately, his parents were killed in an accident. Despite this tragedy of losing his adoptive parents, he wields the personality as a strong, courageous, happy and friendly boy. He is the leader of the Kendo team in his school, as well as being the prince of the Winfield kingdom, giving him his white wings on his back. Shou’s appearance is usually a boy with short, brown hair, green eyes and fair skin. Shou shares the same birth date with Kai, March 7.

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