Reiya Wakabayashi

Reiya Wakabayashi

General: Edit

He is the Commander of the Black Wings and also the director of the school.He is the one controlling Kai as a puppet, he also secretly controls Misonou Combine. Ran is his lover and trusted retainer.

Appearance: Edit

Reiya is a young man of slim build and is somewhat considered an attractive person. He has very long silvery hair, with his hair parted in the middle and bangs framing his face. He also has a pale complexity and reddish brown eyes. He wears a black choker around his neck and usually dons a white sleeveless suit with two loops around the upperarm on his left below his shoulder.

Plot: Edit

He is seen talking to Kai and two other boys in his office where he reveals having sent Nagi, Kai's sole best friend and lover to investigate about the rumours about ghosts in the academy. This shocks Kai and Reiya continues to mock Kai, saying that Nagi did not want Kai to do anything dangerous while watching him carefully. Reiya then suggests for the three boys to search for Nagi instead, ni which Kai agrees immediately and earns the others' approval.

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