Kai Misonou Angel

Kai Misonou (御園生 櫂) is Shou’s younger twin. Kai starts off seeing his forgotten twin brother, and has a blurry memory of the time with Shou while they were at the orphanage before Kai was adopted into a wealthy family which runs the Misonou Combine. What made Kai to forget Shou is that Shou had told Kai to forget about him completely so Kai will not get sad about saying farewell to his beloved twin. Kai is in a relationship with his best friend Nagi, who was found in a faculty since they were small. Kai’s family is controlled by Ran, who is Reiya’s retainer, which leads to the fact why Kai knows Ran. After Nagi was killed (But revealed that Nagi survived, but have gotten a supposed amnesia), he went berserk, but got saved by his older twin. It was later mentioned that Kai switched his school to the Yuusei Academy because of his excellent grades. Kai is also the prince of the Winfield kingdom, giving him the same white wings as his twin brother, and fights by using magic. There are some hints that Kai and Shou are fraternal twins. They share the same eye color and hair color. The difference is that Kai has sharper eyes, longer hair and a deeper voice than his twin brother. Kai has the same birth date as Shou.

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